ARMA Greater Cincinnati Chapter

The Cincinnati Networking Connection for Records Management and Information Governance Professionals

Lending Library

Text Books

At Your Fingertips-A Household Filing System That Works for You, By Denise Dale and Alexandra Bradley

At Your Fingertips in the Office-Information Management for the Small Business, By Alexandra Bradley and Denise Dale

Business Records Control, 6th Edition, By Goodman, Fosegan, and Bassett

Business Records Control, 7th Edition, By Fosegan, Ginn, and Goodman

E-Mail Rules, By Nancy Flynn and Randolph Kahn Esq.

The ePolicy Handbook, By Nancy Flynn

How, Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything, by Dov Seidman

Information and Records Management, Document-Based Information Systems, By Robek Brown Stephens, 4th Edition

Innovations in Office Design-The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments, by Diane Stegmeier

Instant Messaging Rules, By Nancy Flynn

Law Records & Information Management: The Court Cases, By Donald Skupsky, JD, CRM & John Montana, JD

Managing Records For ISO 9000 Compliance, by Eugenia K. Brumm

Million Dollar Consulting, The Professional’s Guide to Growing a Practice, By Alan Weiss

Recordkeeping Requirements, By Donald S. Skupsky, JD, CRM

Records Management, 4th Edition, By Johnson and Kallaus

Records Management, 7th Edition, By Read-Smith, Ginn and Kallaus

Value-Added Records Management, By Karen L. Sampson

Writing Effective E-Mail, By Nancy Flynn & Tom Flynn

Other Literature and Periodicals

Developing and Operating a Records Retention Program

eDiscovery For Dummies

Electronic Document Imaging: A State of the Art Report by William Saffady

Emergency Management for Records & Information Programs By Virginia A. Jones, CRM & Kris E. Keyes

ESI Risk Management For Dummies

Guide to the Management of Legal Records

The Imaging Glossary

Introduction to Type Dynamics and Development Exploring the Next Level of Type By Katharine D. Myers and Linda K. Kirby

Introduction to Type in Organizations 2nd Edition by Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jean M. Kummerow

Legal Requirements for Records & Information Management Programs-Presentation, Donald Skupsky JD CRM

The Type Descriptions By Alan W. Brownsword

ARMA 2005 Celebrating 50 years

ARMA 2005 Conference Volume 1


Revised July 2017
To borrow the items listed, contact Kim Yerigan at

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