For April there are many great educational opportunities detailed below that you can take advantage of at no cost or minimal cost.  Please register for the session or sessions of your choice via the links below.  We are actively continuing to work with other chapters to use our resources more efficiently and offer more programming options to our members while we are meeting virtually.   The Greater Cincinnati Chapter plans to be back with a virtual program of our own in May—so stay tuned for more details!


April 14, 2021 – NOON – 1 P.M. EST – Cost: Free 

Join members of the ARMA Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Chapter of ALA for a special presentation on Information Governance 101. This presentation will be led by John Isaza, Esq., FAI, VP of Information Governance at Access, covering the cornerstone principles of successful information governance (IG).

During this webcast, John will offer guidance on transitioning to IG from records and information management (RIM), providing key building blocks and reviewing the Principles Maturity Model. He’ll also touch on key policies and procedures for compliance and risk management to create one harmonious information management program. Registration Link: 


April 14, 2021 – 1 P.M. – 2 P.M. EST – Cost: Free to all ARMA International Members/$10-Non-ARMA Members

Those of us who are already deeply entrenched in the Information Governance & Information
Management realms recognize the importance that IM/IG plays in defining and supporting the
continued success of our organizations. We often are recognized as the evangelizers for
implementing new technology programs. And more recently, we have been faced with the challenge
of battling for the internal support from the management teams of our organizations to move that
plan forward. It’s at times like these that we wished that we had been wise enough to have
participated in a course during our studies that focused on building and maximizing our powers of
persuasion…..because sometimes it feels like we’re swimming against the tide, right?

During this “Pitch Perfect” session, Marco Maggio – VP Strategic Practices at Konica Minolta and
Ann Gorr – a legal technology consultant who often serves as a champion of change in the SMB
legal market/law firms and corporate legal departments – will provide you with some key strategies
that you can deploy in your quest to meeting with success in “pitching” your next project within
your organization. Find out what processes and strategies you might be able to employ within the
unique culture of your organization to meet with success when “pitching” new ideas for adoption
within your Team.

ARMA INTERNATIONAL E-MEETING – Are Your Organization’s Long-Term and Permanent Records and Information Future-Proofed?

April 29, 2021 – 2 P.M. – 3 P.M. EST – Cost: Free

Today, most organizations rely on electronically stored information (ESI) to meet many of their business, legal, and regulatory compliance obligations. But digital information is fragile and subject to rapidly changing technology environments that can impair the defensible disposition of temporary records as well as put the authenticity and usability of long-term (>10 years) and permanent electronic records at risk. Your organization needs a plan to future-proof its digital information assets, and the steps to do so are well within reach!

Join ARMA International’s Content & Education Director, Ann Snyder, and subject matter expert, Lori Ashley, Industry Market Development Manager from our partner Preservica as we discuss topics, including:

  • Why your organization’s digital information assets are likely at risk and why you need a digital preservation strategy
  • Why waiting until the “end” of the information lifecycle to consider preservation may be too late
  • How to differentiate between the core functionality of enterprise records and content management (ECRM) and digital preservations systems
  • How to integrate the governance of digital preservation services and access activities into existing RIM and IG programs

Register at:

ARMA GREATER COLUMBUS E-MEETING – Remote Work and Maintaining Corporate Culture

April 15, 2021 – 1 P.M. – 2 P.M. EST – Cost: Free

Learn the importance of building a solid corporate/organizational culture and how to put those culture concepts into practice to support your team during this era of remote work.

Learning Objective: Foster ideas around creative approaches to maintaining connections with colleagues and customers.

Tamara Moore Hoagland’s (Information Governance Solutions Architect & Chief Culture Officer, Information First) passion for engaging individuals and groups can be traced back to her time as a teacher in Department of Defense schools in Europe. Whether as an instructor to a classroom of children or conference room full of employees, she’s been focused on ensuring others understand what is going on around them and how they can best participate. Tamara gets excited when learning new things and works hard to foster that sense of excitement in others.

Having worked with Information First since 2002, Tamara has 19 years of experience in the Records and Information Management (RIM) industry. As a specialist in Business Analysis and Training, as well as Information Governance Solutions and Implementations, she has provided support to customers across governments, global corporations, and non-profit entities.