Text Books


At Your Fingertips-A Household Filing System That Works for You, By Denise Dale and Alexandra Bradley


At Your Fingertips in the Office-Information Management for the Small Business, By Alexandra Bradley and Denise Dale


Business Records Control, 6th Edition, By Goodman, Fosegan, and Bassett


Business Records Control, 7th Edition, By Fosegan, Ginn, and Goodman


E-Mail Rules, By Nancy Flynn and Randolph Kahn Esq. (Checked out)


The ePolicy Handbook, By Nancy Flynn


Information and Records Management, Document-Based Information Systems, By Robek Brown Stephens, 4th Edition


Instant Messaging Rules, By Nancy Flynn


Law Records & Information Management: The Court Cases, By Donald Skupsky, JD, CRM & John Montana, JD


Managing Records For ISO 9000 Compliance, by Eugenia K. Brumm


Million Dollar Consulting, The Professional's Guide to Growing a Practice, By Alan Weiss


Recordkeeping Requirements, By Donald S. Skupsky, JD, CRM


Records Management, 4th Edition, By Johnson and Kallaus


Records Management, 7th Edition, By Read-Smith, Ginn and Kallaus


Value-Added Records Management, By Karen L. Sampson


Writing Effective E-Mail, By Nancy Flynn & Tom Flynn


Other Literature and Periodicals


Developing and Operating a Records Retention Program


Developing Retention Schedules for Electronic Records


DoD5015.2:  The Real Scoop


eDiscovery For Dummies


Electronic Document Imaging: A State of the Art Report by William Saffady


Emergency Management for Records & Information Programs By Virginia A. Jones, CRM & Kris E. Keyes


Employees' Access to Their Personnel Files By Ty Votaw


ESI Risk Management For Dummies


From Zero to Hero:  Starting a RM Program from Scratch


Guide to the Management of Legal Records


Guidelines Electronic Records


Guidelines for Curriculum Development in Records Management and the Administration of Modern Archives: A Ramp Study


Handbook for the Recovery of Water Damaged Business Records


Illinois Local Records Management Handbook


Illinois State Records Management Manual


The Imaging Glossary


Implementing and Coordinating Automation with Records Management By Anne J. Gilliland


Information Management Future and Goals by Robert N. Allerding, CRM Microprocessors/PC By the IAC


Introduction to Type Dynamics and Development Exploring the Next Level of Type By Katharine D. Myers and Linda K. Kirby


Introduction to Type in Organizations 2nd Edition by Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jean M. Kummerow


Legal Requirements for Records & Information Management Programs-Presentation, Donald Skupsky JD CRM


Living Disaster Recovery Planning Systems


Managing Information: Meeting the Challenge of Change, Tyrone G. Butler, CRM, CA


The Ohio Information Management Law


Preserving the Archives By Jonathan Dembo


Proceedings of the ARMA International 33rd Annual Conference October 3-6, 1988


Proceedings of the ARMA International 42nd Annual Conference, 1997


Proceedings of the ARMA International 43rd Annual Conference, 1998


Proceedings of the ARMA International 44th Annual Conference, 1999


Records Destruction Methods (May, 2004)


Records Management Policies and Procedures, Debbie Gearhart, CRM, FAI


Records Retention in Computing Environments, David O. Stephens, CRM, CMC, Dataplex Corporation


The Role of Archives and Records Management in National Information Systems: A Ramp Study


The Applicability of Unisist Guidelines and ISO International Standards to Archives Administration and Records Management: A Ramp Study


Selling to RM Managers, Barry Strock, outline from 2/95 meeting presentation


State Records Act and State Records Commission Rules¾Illinois


Software Directory for Automated Records Management Systems 1996 Edition By John T. Phillips, CRM and Paul M. Tarrant, MSLS


The Type Descriptions By Alan W. Brownsword


Vital Records Programs: Identifying, Managing, and Recovering Business-Critical Records By ARMA International


1987 Compensation & Benefits Survey of Records Management Positions, Prepared by Hay Management Consultants


1998 Salary & Compensation Survey


ARMA 2001 Conference


ARMA 2002 Conference


ARMA 2003 Conference


ARMA 2004 Conference Volume 1


ARMA 2004 Conference Volume 2


ARMA 2005 Celebrating 50 years


ARMA 2005 Conference Volume 1


Cassette Tapes


Corporate Disaster Recovery Planning by Sunhild D. Bolander CRM 37th Annual ARMA International Conference 1992


Developing State-of-the-Art Filing/Indexing Systems for Paper Records: Dr. Mark Langemo CRM Parts 1 & 2 37th Annual ARMA International Conference 1992


Establishing a Vital Records Program by Albert J. Cyr 37th Annual ARMA International Conference 1992


How to Market Records Management to Senior Managers: Jim Coulson CRM 37th Annual ARMA International Conference 1992


Overview of the Institute of CRM and an Intro. to the CRM Exam: J. Barker CRM & P. Acton CRM 37th Annual ARMA International Conference 1992


Records Management Awareness Training for all Employees: Richard Smith CRM 37th Annual ARMA International Conference 1992




ARMA 1999 Conference Proceedings


ARMA 2000 Conference Proceedings – Our Future is Now


ARMA 2001 Conference Proceedings – An Information Odyssey


ARMA 2002 Conference Proceedings


ARMA 2004 Conference Proceedings


MER – Managing Electronic Records – National Conference 2004


MER Keynote Address 2006


2006 Conference Handouts:

1) Standards for Conserving Archival and Library Materials (Microx) – 3 copies


2) The Basics of Archives (online course and onsite workshop)


3) The Greater Cincinnati Association of Records Managers & Administrators presents: “Will your Records Management Program Hold up in Court?” – 2 copies


Video Tapes




Buried Alive! Document Retention


Electronic Bookkeeping


Inside Track to Disaster Recovery (2 copies)


Into the Future (The Preservation of Knowledge in the Electronic Age)


Records Management Concepts


Records Retention & Disposal


The Restoration Company¾World Trade Center

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